“We’ve been bowling at Hunter’s for over 50 years and feel very safe with the social distancing, masks and sanitizing that they are doing; we bowl twice a week.  The staff has made us extremely comfortable, and we look forward to our league bowling each week”  ~Lorie Horky & Chris Zbytovsky

“Hunters Bowling is one of the safest places I have been since the re-open plan was announced. They were one of the last business able to open but they have a plan for everyone’s safety. They put your group on a single lane with a maximum  of six people. There is no one on either of the lanes beside you, and masks are required when you not actually bowling or eating. The staff are masked and staying a proper distance away. Lanes, balls and shoes are all sanitized between use. Hunters Bowling is a good place to relax, have fun and be safe during these trying times”.  ~Dene Nicholson

“As a parent to a youth league bowler, I find that Hunter’s has taken every precaution to protect the bowlers. A maximum of six people are permitted on a lane with no one on the lanes on either side of you, to maintain social distance.  Now with the mandatory mask bylaws, everyone is following the guidelines.  The bowling balls, lanes tables and chairs are all sanitized after every use.  Servers serve you at lane to reduce movement in the room” ~ Meghan Raukman